Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Overdue

It's been a while since the last post and as usual busy things keep getting busier. Been here and there and logged lots of recent miles. Happy that I got to xc ski with the girls a lot so far this winter. It's been so much fun I barely have skate skied...can't say that I've missed it much. January turned out to be optimal riding weather but my mind was all about skiing. Of course it got really warm and decided to melt all the snow away after I picked up some Kendos (which super rip by the way) at the 5th.

I really didn't want to ride my bike but I did in the name of dropping some L-Bees. Slowly got into when some sponsors sent some goodies too. Not planning on racing much...or at all this season and continue working on coaching. Some good things are planned for that and some traveling will come in the later months. The team saw some rearranging and I demoted myself to ambassador instead of racer. Made some not so easy cuts as well so I could get back to streamlined core team as in the past.

Design is helping burn the midnight oil. Got lots of work in that department as the projects get tougher and more challenging.

Finally snowed again and got my first taste of skinning with AT gear. What a difference than the old BC days of yesteryear when I strapped the planks to the pack and boot packed or snowshoed up. Rando is way easier (relatively) and allows for more laps. After a 5 year hiatus of snow practice its nice to get back to it and carve on a different surface. Lately been selling off lots of bike parts to shuffle around the gear loads.

As winter remains for now, bike riding season is soon to come. Still not ready for it and I'm hoping to get the Coombacks out on some pow but who knows what the weather will be like. When its time for bike practice....I'll probably still be dreaming of some BC action or maybe the call of the singletrack will lure my brain back around.