Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Sleep Less Ride More

Minimal sleep continues and I've gotten out twice in the past week. It's getting out of hand.....I'm sleeping less than I am riding. Last night I got in 1-1/2 hours of sleep but got out for almost a 2 hour ride with one of the athletes I am coaching.

That would be AM this morning when I rolled out of bed to eat and get ready. Brandon joined me today and I think it's really neat that his parent's support his decision to race bicycles. His mom drove him over early (he's only 15). We took off on the dirt.

The moon was still out but it was quiet. It's been hot here lately and was still about 80 degrees when we left. Brandon has a lot of dedication to the sport and absolutely loves to ride. He hammered his intervals out at 5 AM and was done in time to watch the sunrise.

On the descent home we had a really close call. A truck was flying up the fire road climb we were descending. Luckily we had just stopped to adjust the rear shock on Brandon's bike or we would have been going faster than we were. We started coasting down the hill and the truck came flying around a blind corner and didn't even see us. Brandon went right and I went left. The truck slammed on his brakes and was skidding up the 10 percent grade hill past us. We barely got by and it was a lot closer than we cared for. The truck finally skidded to a stop and stayed in place for a while. We rode off glad to be unharmed. Normally this fire road is closed but the gate was open today for whatever reason.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Happenings

On Father's Day I got out for a ride with my friend and teammate Adam who was in town. He used to be on the Rock Shox devo team with another Adam with the last name Craig (you may have heard of him). Anyways, it was fun to ride with him again and we shot the breeze and cruised the singletrack. 

For dinner pizza was on hand as well as some ice cream action. Not so good for losing weight but mighty tasty.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Food for the Day

It's no secret that food is good. Especially Bacon. BVB also says that "Bacon" should always be capitalized. Thanks to Kates for this one: Chocolate bar with real Bacon in it

I've also been cooking more lately. On tap: Carne Asada Ceasar Burritos


Not sleeping much these days. The TTPB (Teeny Tiny Pink Baby) has been having breathing issues and a host of tests are being performed to see what the matter is. It's stressful wondering if she's still breathing or not and makes it difficult to sleep because we want to monitor her.

My mind has been on overdrive confusion. The days are running together and sometimes I wake up wondering where I'm at. These are trying times but I keep pushing forward. Trying times also show who your true friends are. Thanks to those that have called, texted, fed, and messaged to check on us (we truly appreciate your friendship).

I slept two hours last night and got out for another short early ride. Thanks to my Sola for keeping me somewhat sane.

These super early rides get me out before the paper carrier and the sun. Sunrises and sunsets are truly a sight to behold. Today's cycling sunrise reminded me that no matter how bad things are there is still so much beauty in the world....

....and makes me realize how insignificant the most dire problems truly are.....

....that no matter what, the sun will still rise and set everyday....

....and soon the ever passing moment will be upon us..... I'm done wasting my limited time on frivolous things in life....

....putting the important ahead of that which consumes and wastes my time....

....and looking forward to getting back on track....

...with family, friends, and my torrid love affair with singletrack

Cool Vid

I miss riding on the island. Cool vid (even though it isn't a Seven Cycles vid).

Rocky Mountain Altitude RSL from Rocky Mountain Bicycles on Vimeo.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dispelling Rumors

Lately I've been made into something I am not. If you know me I am very uncomfortable talking about myself. If people ask me questions I'll tell them but I don't come out and say it.

Some people feel compelled to tell you how great they this one guy who I came across riding at Henry Coe and told me he rode at Downieville and actually had photos in his hydration pack he wanted to show me.....or the guy that yells at Bear and asks if we rode at a certain place and that he had so we were nothing.

Remember the children's game where you sit in a circle and begin with a message and whisper it to the next person's ear? Then the message passes around the entire circle and the last person says out loud what they think they heard. That's how rumors get started.

Anyways, here is the lowdown:

Raced North American World Cup XCs
Podiums in Expert at NMBS Races and National Championships
Master's World Championship Team 2006 (AKA Master's National Team. Finished 11th, 3rd American)

Not a European World Cup Racer (Never said it, never was, and never will be!)

2006 Masters World Championships

Post race 2006 Masters World Championships (Lucky #13)

Breakfast at Baggs with other members of the Worlds Team.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Again? Really?

Another scary episode for the little one landed us back in the ER. Hopefully they will find out what is wrong because it sure is stressful when she stops breathing and I have to do CPR on the way to the hospital. She was admitted into peds and mom stayed the night with her while I tended to our older daughter. It was a long day and I finally got home around 2AM. Looking forward to not visiting the hospital so often.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Early AM

Well yesterday's tentative plan to ride didn't work out. I was determined to ride so the only realistic option was to go early when (hopefully) everyone was asleep. Today's option: ACOD (A__ Crack of Dawn)

After sleeping a couple hours I woke up and force fed myself a bowl of cereal and headed out. The legs were non compliant but today the mental side won.

It was dark and my vision felt blurry like the photo below. It's difficult leaving a perfectly good pillow at home but I really needed to ride.

Sunlight filtered through and shed some light on the town in the distance.

The sun finally rose and lit up the sky, The wldflowers woke up and were searching for light.

I continued on my way enjoying the ride. It reminded me of getting that sunrise lap at a 24 hour race.

Bear and I were talking about descending fire roads the other day. We both take it easy going down fire roads because we have witnessed some pretty good wrecks by riders getting so aggressive with their riding buddies. Not positive but there isn't much glory in sliding out and crashing on a fire road.

Was riding in the hills over there a few days ago.

Headed home with Sola.....for food and a nap