Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back from Camp

It's been a busy few weeks. Got back from the USAC Junior Development Camp and had a blast while I was there coaching. There are a lot of talented juniors coming up and it will be exciting to see them develop. Once I got back I tried to keep the bike practice going and ended up chasing singletrack up in Oregon. Now its triple digits at home and I was wishing home was in Squamish. Be up there soon enough. In the meantime I relinquished my spot on the Seven Devo Squad. Just no time to race and I'm not one of those folks that takes advantage of sponsors for my own personal gain and then turn around a disappear and not do what was promised. There are more deserving racers out there that need help. For are some vids from the past couple weeks.

USAC Rocky Mountain Junior Development Camp from Ride Trails on Vimeo.

Singletrack from Ride Trails on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life Inside a Box

Life inside an S-Works box to be exact but bike boxes are getting larger these days and you could live quite comfortably in one.

Quite roomy


Thanks again to my friends at Clif Bar for the goodies! Got me hooked on those Blueberry granola bars.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally a Ride

Here are some pics from a ride a couple weeks ago. Since then I got a respiratory virus and am finally kicking it after a week and a half. Nothing like losing all fitness right before camp. I'm going to get worked by some 15 year old junior girls now!

Retiring a Friend

It wasn't easy but made the decision to retire a friend that has carried me through thick and thin. Nationals, Worlds, and lots of podiums along the way. We celebrated together, cried together, and bled together.

She was made for me when I weighed in at a hair under 150. Now that I'm carrying an extra 25 the extra load is a burden on her triple butted frame. It's the only frame that has lasted me over one season.

It's been a good ride. Seven years to be exact!

Sola 2004-2011

Here are some parting shots.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick Update

Still haven't been in the mood for any bike practice. Tons of new snow has fallen so winter will thankfully be extended for a few more weeks. Have not made it up as much as I prefer since design work has been busy. Right brain just has not been functioning well. Still pondering that future and wondering where it will take me. Should be interesting. Well, back to dreaming of snow.