Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back from Camp

It's been a busy few weeks. Got back from the USAC Junior Development Camp and had a blast while I was there coaching. There are a lot of talented juniors coming up and it will be exciting to see them develop. Once I got back I tried to keep the bike practice going and ended up chasing singletrack up in Oregon. Now its triple digits at home and I was wishing home was in Squamish. Be up there soon enough. In the meantime I relinquished my spot on the Seven Devo Squad. Just no time to race and I'm not one of those folks that takes advantage of sponsors for my own personal gain and then turn around a disappear and not do what was promised. There are more deserving racers out there that need help. For are some vids from the past couple weeks.

USAC Rocky Mountain Junior Development Camp from Ride Trails on Vimeo.

Singletrack from Ride Trails on Vimeo.

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